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Grave of Thrones


The oldest and fiercest rivalry in World Cricket, ‘The Ashes’, was being fought in Australia over summer 2010/11. The broadcast reached 230 million households. Artline wanted a presence but didn’t have anywhere near the budget necessary to be involved. Any guerrilla activity would need to run the gauntlet of security exclusion zones and big brands.


We created a character called Arthur Line (Art Line for short) who infiltrated matches as a humble cartoonist armed with nothing more than an Artline pen and some paper. Arthur’s commentary, insight and penmanship soon had the crowd, players and even the broadcaster on side..


Arthur’s work was picked up by the Channel 9 TV broadcast which reached 230 million households in 7 continents. The commentators made special mention of him, giving us a level of brand awareness way beyond our nominal investment of a few tickets and Arthur’s time. Arthur’s now a regular at the cricket, and the cameras love his work!