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Jagermeister LiveLoud


Jagermeister wanted to extend its mass ‘mainstream’ appeal and increase sales without damaging its established ‘underground’ perception amongst 18-29 year olds


The $2M ‘Live Loud’ campaign centred on developing a social networking site exclusively for Jägermeister that tied directly into consumers existing Facebook (etc) profiles, allowing the brand to integrate itself into the fabric of consumers digital lifestyles, and interact with them on it’s own terms.

Consumers were given the chance to appear in a Jäger billboard ad by uploading an image of themselves ‘living loud’ and having their friends vote for them.

The Live Loud website was supported by a fully integrated traditional and non-traditional campaign including ambient, events, digital, sales promotions and national outdoor billboard ads.


  • The Live Loud website generated over 100,000 entries
  • Over 90% of visitors linked Jägermeister directly to their Facebook profiles
  • Created immeasurable peer-to-peer credibility amongst consumers
  • Sales increased by over 200% during course of campaign