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NRMA FireBlanket™


1 in 10 Australian lives are endangered by bushfires each year. Their destruction is devastating; loss of life, destroyed homes and personal trauma. Costing insurers $500m after the 2016 bushfires.

NRMA Insurance, Australia’s largest insurer has always been there to help communities rebuild after bushfires strike but they wanted to do more to help protect communities from devastation.


Currently, line-of-sight is the most common method of detecting fires which can be slow and very ineffective at night, it was this insight that got us thinking. The truth is you can smell smoke before you see a fire, especially at night.


NRMA FireBlanket™ is an always-on bushfire detection and monitoring network that uses a highly tuned digital sense of smell to pinpoint, track and predict where bushfires could spread.

It is made up of sensor nodes that form a virtual protective blanket over at-risk communities, acting as a 24/7 early warning system.