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PK Ripper

2007 marked the 30-year anniversary of the most iconic bike in BMX history, the P.K.Ripper. To celebrate the 30-plus years of BMX history and the original P.K. Ripper, DC and SE Racing joined forces to re-release the P.K. Ripper bike in its original aesthetic for an exclusive limited edition project named “30 Years of Radness.”

The project is comprised of several unique elements sold separately that made this one of the most extensive projects to date for DC. Included is the P.K. Ripper bike, with only 150 produced and a limited run of 1500 pairs of DC shoes that pay homage to the original P.K. Ripper. Packaged with the shoes will be a special edition re-release of Joe Kid on a Stingray, the film that captures the sport of BMX and its history of individualism, self-expression, and sometimes pure insanity.